President Day

President’s day is widely known as a public holiday to honor the presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. It is celebrated in the United States of America on the third Monday of February. It first started in the 1880s to celebrate the birthdays and lives of all the presidents.

From the beginning, it is celebrated on Mondays, and the purpose for it was to elongate the weekends. However, there were many debates on the fact that the president’s day should be celebrated on the day of the birthday of the Presidents rather than any other day.

According to information gathered by cheapest essay writing service in USA, during the debates, the name President’s Day was proposed to honor the birthdays of Lincoln and Washington (February 22, February 12). At first, the name was rejected, but in 1971, President Day was accepted as the holiday’s name even though it is not officially changed. Washington’s Day is used as a Federal name, but people call it President’s day. No matter what you wish to call the day, you still get to enjoy the holiday.

During the holiday, there are many public ceremonies conducted all over the US, especially in Washington DC, which is the capital of the country and is home to the White House where the respected Presidents spend their tenure.

There are different traditions in different parts of the USA, which is why some people celebrate civil rights activists along with celebrating president Washington and Lincoln. At the same time, schools educate the children on the achievements of the presidents and all they have done for the country.

In the past, this day was for George Washington and to commemorate his achievements for the country, but after Abraham Lincoln reshaped history and contributed a lot to the country, it was later changed to honor both Abraham and George.

The holiday combines both their birthdays and this holiday is very significant because it helps to remind the citizens and makes them understand their history and the contribution these presidents made to change history and help the US become the superpower it is today.

It is more than just a holiday that gives a day or even a week off. This day is to remember the roots and the struggles the US had to go through and how many hardships these presidents face to make the country great so that everyone can live their lives in peace and independence.

Thanks to the bill of Uniform Monday Holiday Act, this holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of February, as mentioned above. Retailers put on big sales that are anticipated from a week before.

It is the time of the year when there are many sales that people can take advantage of, especially the less privileged; the reason for all these sales are that people start getting their income tax refunds.

The holiday is celebrated all over the country by all the Americans living their joyful lives, and many businesses have the day off on this day just so people can especially celebrate the day with high spirits and patriotism.